Who we are and how we do ?

We are an awesomeCompany

Our job is to ensure that we are there to receive, assist and guide you the moment you touchdown...

We are committed to help you as we know how it feels to land in a faraway country with no one around. We've personally gone through the grind when we landed there with no one to receive, assist or guide us.

The main idea behind this service is to avoid a nightmare of a start for all our brothers and sisters who wish to "TouchDown" in the near future with a million dollar dream!

My summary... for those of you who like to read a bit.

My personal experience in Auckland taught me what I am really today. Born and bred in a well to do family, I really felt that I needed an experience of starting life from scratch.

The challenges start the moment "you TouchDown" with you literally being all alone, knowing nobody in this foreign land. You have absolutely no idea where you are going to stay, how are you going to manage etc.

All I had as I was stepping in to that big giant air bus was a little bit of hope and of course the boarding pass.


We will assist you with the following:

  • Airport Pickup
  • Accommodation
  • College Enrolment
  • On call/part time job
  • Banking
  • IRD Card
  • AT Hop Card
  • SIM card for mobile




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What about the IRD card?

We will make sure that you don't work until you get your IRD number because I have personally been cheated where I was paid only 11 NZD but the actual minimum wage per hour at that time was $14.75. Nobody should take advantage of you and we will make sure that you will never get under paid. And the good news is now the minimum wage is $15.25...


2. What about HOP CARD?

Until you get a car for which we have a company of our own NZ based called A1cars, we will get you a special student discount HOP CARD which is nothing but a traveling card with which you can avail the facilities of Auckland Transport (AT) which includes buses, ferries and trains.

3. Do you arrange accommodation as well?

We will make sure that all basic services like the big 2 super markets which are Countdown and Pak n Save, transport facilities are nearby. We would hunt for places according to your budget. Rent is on "Per Week" basis and not monthly and the best part is that your salary is also paid per week, so basically the whole culture is different where everyone plans for the week. Generally the rule is to pay a bond and two weeks of rent as advance which you can pay the advance through MyTouchDown.

4. Will I get Indian Food?

Guess what, from Masala Dosas, paranthas to Parle G and Haldirams, everything is available in most of Auckland's major suburbs. If you like to save some money and prepare your meals at home, you have all the necessary ingredients available at "Indian Supermarkets" in Auckland.

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